Investor Marketing Rainmakers

Benny Traub

Strategist & Marketing Architect

Benny Traub oversees a team of twenty seven digital and offline marketing specialists who have an unerring focus to captivate, cultivate and convert highly qualified prospects into happy investors.

Benny has taken two of his own companies public and been responsible for the creation of over ten thousand investors jumping into his well packaged deals.

If you need to develop a repeatable, direct-to-investor marketing program, Mr. Traub would be the lead architect in the development of those systems.

His personal marketing specialties include advanced relationship marketing, conversion rate optimization and marketing automation systems in which he was an early pioneer.


Brian Williams

Family Trust Rainmaker

Brian Williams has been building registered and non-registered investment programs for over 15 years. He was most recently the team leader for a raise of $12M for a physician practice located in SW Texas. He has a vast personal network of family trusts and institutions that are capable of funding projects from $1M to $50M.

Brian is a Registered Principal and holds several FINRA licenses including the Series 24, 4, 53, 7, 65 and 63. He has led the way on 14 Private Placements and established numerous Venture Capital campaigns on behalf of clients.


Kirill Storch

Pitchman & Packager

Kirill Storch has a well refined knack for attracting qualified investors to smaller, innovative startups through a team of direct-to-investor, personal networkers. This includes recent raises for;

  • Livall, a Chinese company which raised $250K via IndieGoGo
  • VismoX, a Norwegian company which raised $1.2M in Silicon Valley for their cycling app
  • ThreeSquared, a company which raised $300M. Kirill attracted investor, Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • $500K raise for Astak, a Taiwanese company who needed money to launch their oversized tablet product

Kirill studied network theory at Stanford online and computational finance at Georgia Tech online. Kirill is an avid student of crowdfunding trends, and a regular at the Fung Institute’s Annual Symposium on CrowdFunding, having managed over 10 successful CrowdFunding campaigns.

His core areas of expertise include Finance copywriting, Packaging your company’s offer into a cohesive hard-copy and/or digital pitch-deck which immediately intrigues investors; Developing custom LinkedIn outreach programs to create actionable conversations with qualified investors; Orchestrating high-level media placements to demonstrate traction, and Data and survey research to creative predictive financial models which will anchor your firm’s revenue projections and provide accurate modeling and exit strategies to any potential investor.

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