Cultivate Valuable Investor Relationships
with Specialized Marketing Solutions

Every successful investor communications program has three essential components:

  1. Repeatable, predictable systems for attracting new investors.
  2. Well designed materials and systems which educate, build trust and clearly communicate your value proposition.
  3. An efficient conversion funnel, transforming 'potential' investors into committed shareholders and financing participants.

~Benny Traub, Veteran Promoter

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Here's what we must do...

  • Attract qualified investors

    Use digital and offline media to attract qualified investors. We refer to this as ‘intake’. New, highly granular targeting technologies enable us to reach highly specific target markets, which makes the conversion process much, much easier than ever before.

  • Engage and connect

    Using proprietary engagement systems, we forge a personal connection with each prospect. We call this the ‘handshake’. If your site visitors leave without connecting with you, your chances of benefiting from the relationship drop exponentially. Personal engagement is not optional.

  • Cultivate the relationship

    It is essential that prospective investors never be left to wander, but instead are intentionally ‘cultivated’ using automated communication systems such as pre-planned email series, push notifications and behavioral remarketing.

  • Optimize conversions

    Using our ‘three-pillars’ formula, we optimize the number of prospects who become investors. In our model, we call this ‘uptake’. Conversion optimization has become a staple in every successful investor-marketing program, and we excel at it.

  • Maximize Lifetime Value

    Referral enhancement and loyalty systems are leveraged to maximize the value of every investor. They invest more money, and do so more often. And they bring their high net-worth friends and family with them. We refer to this as the ‘escalation’ phase.

You'll still need to do the selling, but we can place your deal in front of the right people who have liquid capital ready to invest. Our contacts take on qualified projects requiring up to 250 million.

Cleverly Automate Modern Social Tools to Attract New Investors

Shareable Content: Digital or Printed Investor Materials

Websites  ~  PDF's ~  Press Kits ~  Newsletters

Collateral services include: Copy writing, graphic design, printing, mailing, web programming.

Educate and Build Trust with Video...

Take Advantage of a Combination of the Latest Ad Targeting Platforms to Efficiently and Inexpensively Identify and Reach High-Value Investors

Bulletproof your Investor Cultivation with Automated Email, Automated Push Notifications and opportunistic Text Messaging to HotList Subscribers.

Elevate your Investor Follow-up with Behavioral Retargeting

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Book your strategy session and learn our proven investor-marketing formula for raising significant capital directly from investors