How The Golden Funnel Formula Was Discovered and How You Can Use It To Transform Your Marketing

Quick Facts About Our Founder:

  • 30 Year Marketing Veteran
  • Started 15 companies from scratch
  • Two of his companies have gone public
  • Lives in Los Angeles, CA
  • Consulting since 1988
  • Serves clients across North America
  • Born Vancouver, Canada, 1963
  • Married lovely Carmen, 1990

In addition to advising small businesses, Benny lectures on the topic of marketing at numerous educational institutions, including Simon Fraser University, Trinity Western University and has also been been the keynote speaker at several conferences.

From Benny...

If you look me up on Google, you'll see that marketing has pretty much been my life.

It didn't take me long in my career to learn that there is nothing more frustrating than sinking your heart and soul into your business, only to see the results fall flat. I've started over a dozen ventures and only a few of them reached the heights I hoped they would. The others failed miserably. That was discouraging. But nothing teaches as well as hard knocks.

The big difference between the failures and those that brought in the millions was always the marketing.

There are a lot of pressure points you can push on in your company, but absolutely no other business system will contribute more to your success than a repeatable, scaleable marketing system. Now, thirty years into my career, I have a formula, not just for my own business, but for our clients. That formula is a precious toolkit of wisdom, learned from other great leaders, to be sure, but also from my own hard knocks.

One of the minor points of the formula is obvious; 'Decide on the destination before you leave town'. If you are not careful, the objectives of your marketing can grow fuzzy. It's easy to expect too much from too little.

The first question I've taught my team to ask is this; "what is it that you want this project to accomplish"? This is an obvious question. I know. But it is an essential question that we must discipline ourselves to ask, because we are frequently tempted to craft our marketing to solve multiple problems, and this can hurt the final results. So...

Do you want it to result in longer visit times on your website? Specific branding objectives? More inbound phone calls from qualified buyers? More opt-ins? More quote requests? More sales? More appointments? More traffic? Marketing tactics can do all of those things - but usually not all at once. So pick one primary objective at a time and work on that. Then measure, measure, measure. Analytics are cheap (or free), so there is no excuse for not holding your marketing accountable to real results.

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